Diamond Jewellery & Diamonds buying policy

We are providing a Jewellery system of custom options in choosing your own diamond characteristics (diamond weight, clarity, color etc..) of the diamonds depending on the trade off in the diamond market. On the certificate preferences even if you as client ordered is with no preference we will still be able to deliver best certified diamond as shown in the list below :

  • Priority 1: GIA – Gemological Institute of America
  • Priority 2: EGL – European Gemological Laboratory
  • Priority 3: CC – Canadian Lab Certified
  • Priority 4: IGI – Certified
  • Priority 5: AGS – American Gemological Society
  • Priority 6: HRD – Antwerp World Diamond Center

On selection of certificate preferences then we can match up with the preferred certificate in an order. We will be matching exactly the same selections of the characteristics of the diamonds that you have ordered if we are unable to match the same then you will be notified via email or phone on a closer characteristics with the selected certificate or same characteristics of an equivalent certificate. If any payment adjustments on some of center diamond jewellery we will process it through e-invoice on the adjustments.

Money Laundering policy:

As we are online merchandizer, those who are buying any Jewellery from our site you would be registering into our system with your email id, address, phone & other necessary details as per our registration. 

Any cash transactions goes through the online cash payment acceptance order which means you should be doing the same registration as Jewellery online ordering system before we receive the cash to process the order. Cash online order is available in Edmonton location only regions can choose the credit card payments.

Diamond Certifications: