Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Latest Upgraded 2020 version

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Product Description: 

Windows Security
Windows 10 changes the game for security by protecting user identities, devices, and information with a comprehensive solution driven by intelligence that only Microsoft offers.
Windows Hello1
Device encryption2
Firewall and network protection
Internet protection
Parental controls / protection
Secure Boot
BitLocker device encryption3
Windows Information Protection (WIP)4 5
Windows Defender Antivirus
Windows Fundamentals
Windows 10 comes with automatic updates enabled, which means you get all the latest features at no extra cost.+
Digital pen & touch
Microsoft Edge
Battery saver mode
Business Management and Deployment
Built-in security, productivity, and management features save you time, money, and hassle.
Mobile device management14
Group Policy
Enterprise State Roaming with Azure15
Microsoft Store for Business16
Assigned Access
Dynamic Provisioning
Windows Update for Business
Kiosk mode setup
Support for Active Directory

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